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Woman gets her stolen truck back thanks to viral amateur sketch

Sometimes being a jerk is really helpful.


David Britton

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Zaira Salazar of Sonora, Mexico, was having a bad week. First, someone stole her truck. Then, having no photo of it, she posted a drawing on Facebook, hoping people would help her find it.

Okay it’s not great, but she never claimed to be an artist. Just an ordinary woman who probably really needed her truck back.

That’s when the Internet responded the way the Internet usually does.

One person captured this picture of the truck being towed:

Another claimed the would-be-thief repainted it:

Or worst of all, ISIS had gotten hold of it (as they had this Texas’ plumber’s own truck).

But not everyone was being a big hilarious jerk about the theft. A local Chevy dealership offered to give Salazar a new truck if her video reached 1 million likes.

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Will they still make good on that promise if her old truck is returned? Let’s hope so, because that’s exactly what happened. All the Internet mockery led to the image going viral, which led to her truck actually being found, and it turns out her drawing wasn’t even that far off.

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It’s a happy ending for sure. The only thing that could make it better is if Hot Wheels was paying attention and actually made this guy’s amazing Photoshop image a reality:

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