Meet Joseph Stalin’s cat doppelgänger, Meowseph Stalin

Meowseph Stalin

The resemblance is purrfect.

The latest cat to conquer the Internet is a meowlevalent dictator.

Meowseph Stalin is a cat who bears a hilariously eerie resemblance to Joseph Stalin. According to the Telegraph, he rules his subjects—Oslo, Norway, resident Anne Sofie and her boyfriend—with an iron fist and a purr of power. He also reigns over Instagram, where he has 9,000 loyal followers brainwashed into devotion by the power of his mighty mustache:


When he’s not terrorizing the local bird population, Meowseph terrorizes Sofie, who’s studying Japanese at the University of Oslo. (She’s currently a Stalin student, but later she’ll be a Stalingrad.) Like any proper benevolent dictator, Meowseph is helping Sofie pay off her student loans—with fashion:

What is this? There’s 4 of me in the house now! After getting positive feedback on my “Three Stalins and a Moon” picture, my human made a t-shirt design of it! I look great in the moonlight, don’t you think?

T-shirts, sweaters, and even sports bags are now available in the Stalin the Cat Shop on Spreadshirt:

Spreadshirt ships worldwide, and if you buy 2 or more products by the end of tomorrow (December 2nd), you get free shipping!

50% of my proceedings will go to a no-kill animal shelter in Oslo, Norway.

If you decide to get one, please share your picture with me! I’d love to see it on someone else than my silly human with her strange outer space tights. Hope you’ll enjoy the products!

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Sofie told the Telegraph that when she met Meowseph, whose previous owners had to give him away, it was love at first bite.

“He always had a really smug, distinguished face that charmed me to death,” she said.

Sofie took inspiration for the cat’s new name from Cats Who Look Like Hitler, a very important database of Internet tyrants.

My box is my territory. No humans allowed.

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I look pretty good in my sweater if I may say so myself.

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Get treats for minimum effort: show the humans some tummy fluff and blink charmingly for a few seconds

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Of course, we won’t really be satisfied with our evil feline overlords until Meowseph Stalin is joined by companion cats Meow Tse Tung, Meowsolini, Purr Pot, and Kitten Jong-Il.

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