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Man fails to account for motion sickness when planning cute airplane proposal

This proposal is so sweet. Until he gets sick.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

Sometimes you get a surprise while watching a YouTube video, some sort of plot twist that makes spending three minutes of your life watching a stranger worthwhile. The video below does not have such a surprise.

The title says, “MARRIAGE PROPOSAL MISHAP THROWING UP.” If you watch the video, that’s pretty much what happens.

But don’t avoid watching because the ending has been spoiled. Watch it because you do know what’s going to happen. Watch it because the video tells a story, a story that you know will end with discomfort and plenty of hurling.

Watch as the poor dude starts to feel the effects of his air sickness. Watch as his discomfort grows, knowing that, DAMMIT, he’s going to get engaged in a few minutes but that he also might have to puke in an enclosed (and romantic!) setting. Watch as he tries to controls his nausea, as he tries to control his gag reflex, as he prays that the inevitable will not occur, as he taps his girlfriend on the shoulder and basically throws the ring at her before he lets loose.

The poor woman goes from elation to worry to comforting in the span of about five seconds, all the while disguising whatever disgust she might be feeling.

Watch the video because it’s life, because THIS is what marriage is like.

But she said yes. And clearly, this is a match made in heaven. Unless traveling to heaven is going to get this guy airsick.

If that’s the case, maybe it should just be a match made on solid ground.

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