maisie williams game of thrones prank

Screengrab via NYLON Video/YouTube

The customers were very confused.

Meet Lorraine, the friendly cashier at Aero Hobbies. No, it’s most definitely not Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame—but she does get that a lot. Lorraine’s just here giving some free stuff to fans of the HBO show.

OK, yes, obviously it is actually Williams. But in this video for Nylon, she does an amazing job of pranking people who enter a hobby store for a giveaway. The visitors obviously know something’s up, but Williams really sticks with the schtick. 

One woman says, “I recognize you, from Game of Thrones.”

And with a perfect poker face, Williams responds, “Ohhh, I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. I heard it’s a really good show.”

Williams, who is also Nylon‘s May cover star, also does a great job getting these fans to reenact some of the most iconic moments in GoT history. 

This just proves how good of an actress Williams—oops, we meant Lorraine—really is.

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