Spurned contestant rips “America’s Next Top Model” on Facebook

Aspiring model Kristin Kagay was less than pleased with her portrayal on show. 


Jordan Valinsky

Internet Culture

Published Nov 5, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 8:03 am CDT


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Perhaps there are some things that Tyra mail won’t deliver, like a note from a former contestant criticizing the editing of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).

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Kristin Kagay is an aspiring model who was eliminated last week on the current cycle of ANTM due to her “bland swim with dolphins.” She wrote a deeply reflective (and largely misspelled) note on her Facebook page Friday lambasting the editing on the CW show for her portrayal as a “realist c!*t.” The post has been liked by 149 people to date and was hailed by user Matt Brockelman as an “Epic vent session!”

After a rambling beginning on how Kagay has a “certain respect” for other reality show stars, she wrote that it’s the show’s producers and crew who’s to blame for the public’s unfavorable impression of her.

“Whoever is behind the scenes to put the show together has no regard for how their show may effect [sic] the casts life.. sure you sign on for a show and what do you expect? Well most certainly not to be percieved [sic] as someting [sic] you are so far from,” she wrote about the Tyra Banks-produced show.

All that devious editing left her as a target on the Internet. She claims “thousands of insecure niave [sic] people” bullied her in “nasty, mallicous, [sic] cold hearted ways.”

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Kagay was the ire of the few viewers the show has left, particularly in a recent episode when she failed to show (or even feign) happiness when another contestant won a challenge. “Do I have to stand here?,” she mumbled as her co-frenemy Leila was presented a prize.

The last half of her message thanked her friends and family for treating her like the tolerable human being that she is.

“You can’t let society bring you down and get into your head when you know you have your friends and family that know the real you,” she wrote. “The only opinions that matter to me are the ones coming from the people that actually love me for who i am & if those people want to tell me i’m doing something wrong they will tell me in a way that is not just to bash me because they are bored with their own lives.”

Then, it gets so good; she ends it with a gem thanking Snooki for being a humanitarian or something.

“Never thought I would be saying i respect people like Snooki but for having to deal with all the haters that bitch is doing just fine,” wrote Kagay in the world’s most-perfect sentence. “Yall are my real fans. & thank you ANTM for making me look like the realist c!*t on the show. Couldn’t have done it without you. Assholes.”

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*First Published: Nov 5, 2012, 6:58 pm CST