Brave/stupid kitesurfer risks life to catch big air from Hurricane Matthew

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Screengrab via Trending Videos/YouTube


Hurricane Matthew hit South Florida with 40 to 50 mph gusts of wind. For most, that’s reason to evacuate. But for extreme kitesurfers, it’s a calling. 

That contrast is on full display in this video, where a kitesurfer catches big air while a newscaster discusses the harsh weather the area is bracing for. 

This is a more appropriate reaction: 

It’s worth noting that kitesurfing in extreme conditions can be an incredibly selfish act—one that would put others in danger if something went wrong and the surfer needed to be rescued—to say nothing of the potentially shallow waters he could land in. But thankfully, in this case at least, he sticks the landing. 

As the newscaster warns time and again: Don’t try this at home. 

H/T Jalopnik 

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