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The madness ensues.

This little kid was sure surprised at seeing his first train. Any first is going to be a big deal for a child, but something like a huge locomotive releasing a barrage of noises? We totally get the astonishment. 

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Redditor counting45 challenged other denizens of the site to a Photoshop Battle, and of course the results are pretty darn good. The kid might have been flabbergasted by a train, but his world was turned upside down again and again thanks to the power of image editing.

Whether it’s watching the stock market crash or meeting some friendly extraterrestrials, the kiddo is in for a shock. 

One Redditor even saw the chance to put another meme-ified baby into the spotlight.

Meanwhile, others have taken the kid to Jurassic Park in a couple of different ways. Even getting rid of the boy’s dropped jaw all together and just using his excited, pointed finger has made for some good laughs. 

We wonder how this kid will react when he sees his first airplane IRL. You can also check out the rest of the places he’s been transported here

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