joe biden bites wife's finger


Joe Biden nibbling wife’s finger is now a meme

‘The entire upper third of the finger, directly in the center of the mouth.’


Tiffanie Drayton

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden bit down on his wife’s finger, creating a very awkward moment during his ‘No Malarkey!’ campaign trail on Saturday.

The puzzling gesture was caught on video and has become a viral meme on Twitter. The video shows his wife, Jill Biden, introducing her husband to a crowd in Iowa. The former vice president then affectionately catches the top of her index finger in his mouth. His wife laughs it off and continues on with her introduction.

Twitter responded with sheer bewilderment at his choice display.

“Joe Biden sucked on his wife’s finger at a campaign rally as she was giving a speech today. that’s it. i have no joke to make about this,” Twitter user @hasanthehun wrote.

Journalist Ashley Feinberg was in awe of Biden’s precision and quick reflexes.

“One thing that’s particularly amazing about the video of the bite is just how much finger he actually managed to get into his mouth in that split second,” Feinberg tweeted. “The entire upper third of the finger, directly in the center of the mouth.”

But some are a bit disgusted by the incident.


People shared their own theories for what caused the 77-year-old to react in this manner.

#VampireJoe2020,” Twitter user @SardoTheArtist responded, joking that we just might have a vampire running in the presidential race.

Twitter user @cCurryKid wondered if there may be some mind control at play.

“I really don’t want to make a joke here… but I do wonder if this is some kinda Manchurian candidate thing, and she is really the one who wants to be in the White House,” they wrote.

But more than anything, there were a lot of jokes.

“You gotta take your girl on cute little dates like this and nibble her fingers every now and then,” Twitter user @willmenaker wrote.


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