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Never, ever ask this dude to Photoshop your picture

You’ve been warned.


Elijah Watson

Internet Culture

The possibilities of Photoshop are limitless. You can transform anything into just about anything else, place yourself in settings that make absolutely no sense, and generally make the world a more exciting, beautiful, unpredictable place. 

It’s also a great for trolling.

That’s what Photoshop maestro James Fridman does. As you’ll see on his Twitter account, Fridman takes Photoshop requests and, well, the results vary but are always amusing. Remember that Geico commercial where the dude asks for a million bucks from a genie, so he gives him a million bucks (as in, the animal)? This is that—but in Photoshop form.

Fridman declined to go on the record with the Daily Dot about his important work, but the art truly speaks for itself.

If you want a Photoshopped from Fridman, he’ll definitely take care of you, but don’t say we (or he) didn’t warn you.

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