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Basketball player makes game-winning shot (for the other team)

A high school basketball player made a layup at the buzzer … at the wrong basket.


Michelle Jaworski

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There are just some moments you don’t ever want recorded.

Two rookie journalists made headlines after they captured Khalil Edney’s 55-foot record-breaking shot during the final seconds of the Mt. Vernon-New Rochelle Class AA basketball championship game on Sunday with just an iPhone, but now another last-minute video has made its way online.

A Oklahoma 3A high school state playoff quarterfinal matchup between Hugo High and Millwood High ended in an upset on Thursday night. Millwood upset Hugo 38-37 with one final layup as the clock ran out.

However, in a cruel twist of fate that is the subject of many athletes’ worst nightmares, the final points came not from from Millwood, but from a Hugo player.

With just 2.9 seconds left on the clock, Hugo junior guard Trey Johnson received the ball and shot a layup toward his team’s basket—mistaking it for the other team’s basket—and made it, securing the victory for Millwood and ending Hugo’s season.

Even worse for Johnson, someone immortalized his final shot by capturing a video and uploading it to YouTube.

After Johnson made the layup and the buzzer marked the end of the game, the crowd went silent before Millwood started to celebrate.

Millwood assistant coach David Samilton described the final-second layup from Johnson as “a miracle.”

“Without a doubt, that’s the toughest locker room I’ve ever had to talk to,” Hugo coach Darnell Shanklin told The Oklahoman about talking to the athletes after the game. He expressed sympathy for his player, noting that Johnson felt terrible about the ordeal.

The Oklahoman also noted that Johnson was in tears after the game upon realizing his mistake.

Although Millwood came out the victor in this slip-up, it wasn’t an easy win to accept.

“I feel sorry for [Johnson],” Samilton said. “Just like Chris Webber, when he called the timeout. I really do feel sorry for him. But hey, I’ll take it.”

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