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CollegeHumor bails out guy who blew life savings on banana

There’s a man in New Hampshire who sold his savings for a dreadlocked banana. 


Chase Hoffberger

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There’s a man in New Hampshire who sold his savings for a dreadlocked banana. 

Henry Gribbohm wanted an Xbox Kinect, and he wanted it bad. So bad, in fact, that he decided to challenge fate and cheat the system for it: rather than pony up the $300 for the device, he decided that he’d try to win the system outright by playing a carnival game called Tubs of Fun, a game that challenges players to throw a ball into a tub such that it stays in the tub for eternity. But like so many carnival games, Tubs of Fun comes rigged in such a way that success is almost impossible.

The 30-year-old Epsom, N.H. native fell face first for it, throwing dollar after dollar towards the game. Before he knew it, he was out $300. Before anyone could stop him, he’d already run home to grab the $2,300 he’d been storing for safekeeping. 

The $2,300 was much of what Gribbohm had considered his life savings. He drained it trying to go “double or nothing” and head home with an Xbox, as well. 

Gribbohm put up a fight with the carnival vendor and eventually got some semblance of recompense: $600 and a dreadlocked banana. But he might be able to turn this disaster around and turn a profit if a reported deal goes through.

Thanks to the wonders of the Comedy Gods, the website CollegeHumor has launched a Facebook campaign to repurchase Gribbohm’s banana—for the attractive and awfully hefty sum of $2,600. 

The campaign, titled “Like This Post and We’ll Buy This Guy’s Dreadlocks Banana for $2,600” is as simple as it sounds. For every like that the post gets, CollegeHumor will put $0.10 towards the Buy-Henry’s-Banana-Back piggybank, with the implication being that 26,000 likes will help pay for the loss of all his money. 

CollegeHumor made the offer Wednesday morning; the post has since received more than 13,000 likes. Come nightfall, Gribbohm may just find out that he’s backed his way into $2,600. 

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