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This ‘Harry Potter’ bath bomb will reveal your Hogwarts house

It’s almost like magic.


Michelle Jaworski

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It’s easier than ever to discover our Hogwarts house through Pottermore, but one fan put a bubbly spin on the sorting process to turn it into something straight out of the prefects’ bathroom.

The online shop Created By Rebecca Lynn has offered a number of nerdy bath bombs in the past, but it’s tapping into the spirit of Harry Potter for its latest concoction. The bath bomb, which is completely white except for yellow, red, blue, and green stripes on one side to represent Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, respectively, is designed to hide its true form until you take the test—or rather, a bath.

If a video demonstration from one of Created By Rebecca Lynn’s customers is any indication, it won’t take long before you know which color the water will be when you soak in it.

The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bombs have since sold out at Created By Rebecca’s shop (which takes you to eBay), but we hope they apparate right back soon. Fortunately for fans looking for the magical bath touch, other online stores offer Harry Potter-inspired bath bombs, such as this Etsy creation that contains a charm bracelet within.

We’re definitely charmed now.

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