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Our new favorite redditor is offering to teach the Internet Photoshop. After seeing this, you’ll take him up on it.

Halloween costumes are overrated. You spend too much on a giant banana suit, wear it for one mediocre party, and then leave it on your floor for a month because you can’t bring yourself to throw it away. If you love spooking the shit out of kids but can’t sew, you’ve got another option: slice your head in half. With Photoshop, of course.

“Too grisly?” asked Brian Maffitt, an “experimental photographer” who goes by bmaffitt on Reddit.

Click to expand:


Here’s how he did it:

Obviously Photoshop, not a band saw accident. Four photos shot with tripod (important): A background plate with just the room and no me. A photo of me looking forward with a smile. A photo of me with my head back and my hand on my head. A photo of a dead guy’s head sliced in two.

He used this slide of a sliced head, part of the Visible Human Project, for the inside.

In the past few Halloweens, he’s gone microscopic:


And shaved a little too closely: 


“Let me know if you want some tips,” he says. “I’m happy to oblige. :)”

You should take him up on it. Digital editing is Maffitt’s life. He “teaches this stuff,” he says, and when Photoshop first came out, he got a gig making “creepy paintings for a bar in Manhattan … all spooky variations on classic art.”

I love this guy. He might be my favorite redditor of the year. Here he is holding his childhood rabbit.


Photo via bmaffitt/Reddit

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