This guy covers songs with his gun and trumpet—and he takes requests

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re probably thinking about what gifts to buy your loved ones. Look no further. 

Meet Charlie Cook, who has combined his love of firearms with his affinity for the trumpet to create GunGram. Charlie will customize a video for your special someone and post it on his YouTube channel. All you have to do is email him at [email protected] 

Is there a better gift than this? I think not. 

Charlie doesn’t only play “Happy Birthday.” For all you nerds out there, he can also blast his way through the Mario theme song. 

Calling all Arrested Development fans. Charlie has your back. 

Timmy just won his Little League game? Charlie has you covered.

Not sure how good I feel about him shooting a gun off during a children’s Christmas song, but I am not here to judge. I just hope he doesn’t shoot his eye out.

Follow-up questions:

  • Does Charlie know the Golden Girls theme song?
  • Actually, that’s our only question.
Allison Keves

Allison Keves

Aly Keves is a former Realtime Social Editor at the Daily Dot. While most of her time was spent on Twitter, she made time to write about 'The Bachelor,' adorable videos, and 'The Golden Girls.' She lives in New York City and became Bloomberg's Audience Engagement Editor in 2016.