The results are mooving.

GoPro is conquering the world. Its now-iconic cameras have invaded every corner of our lives, providing a unique fish-eye perspective on everything from illegal raves to North Korea, from fighter jets to the inside of a dishwasher. Thanks to YouTube channel StoråsStudio, the final frontier has now finally been crossed: cowcam.

In the remarkably zen two-minute clip, we are treated to a cow’s-eye view of its pasture as it wanders around, grazes, looks at the farmer, and engages in other bovine activities. Strange stuff from a camera that has its roots in extreme sports.

Objectively speaking, this should be a really, really dull video. And yet it’s strangely fascinating. 

The Internet is a powerful tool for escapism: It allows the bored, scared, and lonely to live vicariously through others at no risk and with no commitment. GoPro is perfect for this, whether it’s capturing a great white shark attack, providing a window into child’s play, letting the viewer experience homelessness or providing a first-person view of some insane mountain-biking.

Perhaps the day will come when people grow tired of strapping cameras to cows, drones, dogs, and anything else that moves. But right now, we’re living in a golden age of new and exciting perspectives—and I’m loving it.

Photo via Daniel Schwen / Wikimedia Commons (CC 3.0)

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