giraffe sucks wooden post

Photo via ShadowBun/Imgur

The Internet is so imaginative.

The redditors of r/photoshopbattles have whipped out their crop tools once more, this time to transport a nonchalant giraffe into a flurry of new situations.

User GallowBoob posted the first pic of the long-necked animal sucking on a wooden post, challenging the rest of the subreddit to create whatever floated into their imagination.

Tasty summer snacks, trippy effects, and more were used to alter the original picture. And hey, even giraffes like getting a little lit. 

One ongoing theme had the giraffe becoming quite the musician, well-versed in everything from saxophone to lead vocals.

These Photoshoppers are true artists. Check out the rest of the creations over at the original Reddit thread

H/T Mashable 

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