Baby rabbit wanders into a gibbon’s zoo enclosure and becomes its best friend

For zoo apes, the only thing worse than the gawkers is the boredom. Every day, it’s the same old routine: you move out of your quiet, hidden living space and into the sunny, jungle-gym-like enclosure that’s visible to the public, where onlookers expect you to swing around and do other ape things.

But sometimes, the unexpected happens, as it did to one gibbon at England‘s Wingham Wildlife Park that made an adorable new friend. Zoo visitors kept warning the baby rabbit to run away, fearing that it would become the gibbon’s next meal, but the gibbon apparently just wanted to cuddle and wrestle with it.

The rabbit, meanwhile, just seemed confused.

Screengrab via Laterterror HD/YouTube

Eric Geller

Eric Geller

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