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Watch this puppy wake up to ‘Let It Go’ from ‘Frozen’

Step aside, Idina Menzel.


Rob Price

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Good morning! If you’re desperately seeking your weekly Frozen fix after the news that a sequel to the animated Disney film is en route, then look no further than this puppy waking up to “Let It Go.” 

As the already-iconic opening notes of the 2013 hit song play, Oakley’s ears perk up—and then he even appears to be trying to join in.

But is the the heterochromatic pup actually enjoying it? Opinion is divided. Some on Reddit are arguing that Oakley’s lip-licking and yawning are “self-pacifying behaviours,” and that something isn’t right. Others are claiming the “perked up” ears and anticipation of “musical cues” suggest the opposite, and that it is, “at worst, confused by the sounds.”

Either way, as Frozen covers go, it’s nothing like this masterpiece:

H/T Reddit | Photo via Adventure Oakley/Facebook | Remix by Rob Price

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