Florida man twerks on a cop car after learning of an impending vampire attack

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Christian Jarecki was having an out-of-sorts day on April 7, and the proof is in the security footage.

The 44-year-old Florida man pulled up behind a police vehicle with his radio pumping Hall & Oates, then climbed on top of the police car and danced and twerked like a maniac, maniac there on the car. He did this for six minutes straight.

It’s all a bit lighthearted until Jarecki starts yanking the windshield wipers off of the vehicle. “Apparently when Radecki is no longer entertained by his own dancing, he moves to the hood of the vehicle, and immediately rips the windshield wipers backward breaking one of the lever arms in the process,” reads the police report on the incident.

Radecki then disappears from the shot only to reappear moments later, carrying an American flag that he took from a neighbor’s house. He waves it about and walks around. In the next shot of the video, police show up to remedy the surreal situation.

So what was the motivation behind this truly bizarre behavior?

Vampires, naturally.

Radecki told police that when he opened his door this morning, he saw a fanged woman threaten him—there was about to be a human sacrifice. Radecki “made the conscious decision to get the Sheriff of Nottingham to help stop the slaughter of small children,” reads the police report.

Jarecki failed to summon the Sheriff of Nottingham, but he has law enforcement’s attention. He was arrested for the cop-car twerking incident and released on $2,250 bond, but that bond was revoked later in the month when Jarecki was caught committing petty larceny.

H/T Death And Taxes | Screengrab via Lee Sheriff/YouTube

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