flight attendant does Britney Spears Toxic dance

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This rendition of Britney Spears’ Toxic by a flight attendant is flawless

Buckle up. You’re about to experience some turbulence.


Austin Powell

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There are many perks to being a flight attendant—not least of which is the opportunity to master the dance routine from Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ video.

Assra Nasir recreated the iconic moves in flawless fashion on an empty AirAsia flight recently. There’s the sexy cart push, the intercom segment, the thrusting on the bathroom doors: It’s all there, and it’s clearly not his first time to have tried any of those moves.


Here’s the original for comparison:

The video has gone viral on Twitter, but Nasir may now be experiencing some unexpected turbulence. When reached for comment, he redirected me to an AirAsia spokesperson, who has yet to respond to my inquiries. That suggests that AirAsia may not be as thrilled as the rest of the internet with Nasir’s viral video.

That would really be a shame. It’s essentially a free one-minute ad, and it will definitely make you want to fly AirAsia in the near future.

Update 3:57pm, March 21: It turns out AirAsia actually loved the video as much as we did. A company spokesperson told the Daily Dot via email: “Fun is in our DNA! All our staff who we refer to as Allstars are encouraged to have fun and be themselves for a more relaxed working environment. We are all extremely proud of Assraf. Way to go!”

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