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Fish comes back to life as woman is eating it

Kind of.


David Britton

Internet Culture

Sure, we’ve all laughed at Grumpy Cat and been inspired by Pizza Rat, but when you’re feeling too inspired at work and really need a horrifying reason to go home early and crawl into bed, you’ll want to turn to Upsetting Fish.

And no one is more upset than the woman in this video, who is eating what, to be fair, is already a pretty scary looking meal, when it suddenly comes gasping back to life and jumps off her plate.

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If it makes you feel any better (and we know you need to feel better right now) the fish in this video is most likely not actually coming back to life. Apparently the nerves in the muscles of recently deceased animals can be reanimated with sodium, in this case most likely in the form of table salt or soy sauce.

At least that’s what’s happening in the (possibly more disturbing) video of a squid below:

OK. Sorry. You can go home now.

screengrab via news 2015/Youtube

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