Tiger learns why you don’t wake up a sleeping friend unless it’s urgent

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There are very few instances in which you should wake someone up from a nap. Those rare situations include when the snoozer is late for an important event like a job interview, when their house is on fire, or when Leonardo DiCaprio is nearby and the snoozer is a huge Titanic fan.

These same rules apply to the animal kingdom, especially when it comes to waking up a beast like a tiger that can tear off practically any adversary’s head.

In a video recorded by Ger Campbell at the Dublin Zoo, one of these striped felines thought it’d have some fun and shake awake its pal while the other tiger was catching some Zs.

But it surely regretted interrupting its friend’s nap time. The other tiger went ballistic—which was understandable, since there was no fire, no Leo, and almost certainly no job interview—and pounced on its fellow feline.

Afterward, the asshole of a tiger just casually took a drink and strolled away. Sheesh, the formerly sleeping tiger should really consider getting a new roommate. 

Cat fights like this are just one of the the reasons that there’s glass at zoos.

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Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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