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4 monthly subscription boxes that deliver your fandom fix

From supporting fangirls to choosing your fandom, there’s a lot to love about these options.


Lisa Granshaw

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Are you wary of joining a geek monthly subscription box because you don’t want to receive random pop culture items that have no connection to your fandom passion? Monthly geek subscription boxes can sometimes include a motley assortment of products that just take up space—but you can cut the risk if you know where to look.

In the wide world of subscription boxes you can find options that put a particular focus on fandom or specific fandoms. Many of these subscription companies offer ways to customize your box and get more out of the experience than many more generalized boxes that are geared towards larger geek culture.

Here are four fandom-focused subscription boxes worth a look.

1) FanMail

August 2015: Super Sheroes

August 2015: Super Sheroes


August Newsletter

August Newsletter


For fangirls and those who want to support fangirls, here’s a subscription box “designed for lady geeks (by lady geeks).” FanMail started this summer and celebrates all fandoms with fun box themes like fantasy, Legends of the CW, and Yay for YA. In each box, subscribers receive a range of items that can include stickers, shirts, and jewelry, with FanMail guaranteeing that each box has a retail value of $50 or more. With each box the company also tries to support at least one small business run by a woman. It’s a worthy goal that really sets the box apart from the competition.

FanMail co-founder Rose Del Vecchio emphasized to the Daily Dot in an email that it’s not just about collecting, but connecting with your fandom, showing off your passion, and sharing your experience with the community they’ve created. You can start fangirl flailing every month with this box by choosing your shirt size and subscription length. Sizes small through XL start at $21.99 per month for a month-to-month option and go up to $228 for a 12-month prepay option. Sizes 2XL–4XL range from $23.99 to $252. All shirt sizes are available in ladies or unisex except for 4XL, which is only available in unisex.

2) The Fan Empire

October's Hogwarts House Pride Gryffindor Box

October’s Hogwarts House Pride Gryffindor Box

The Fan Empire

Anyone who loves a mix of fandoms—but especially Harry Potter—should consider The Fan Empire. Founded recently by Priscilla Annoual, this monthly box contains four to six items that have included custom T-shirts, scarves, notebooks, and bookmarks. Annoual told the Daily Dot in an email each box usually has a retail value of $40 or more. A fun part of this subscription is that sometimes there’s also the chance to customize your box. For example, with October’s “Hogwarts House Pride” box, subscribers were able to choose their House and receive items with its theme. Subscription options begin at $14.95 per month for month-to-month and go up to $142.94 for a 12-month prepay.

3) Gamer Girl Monthly

If video games are your passion, then this subscription box might be for you. Gamer Girl Monthly includes three to five items, with a particular focus on game-inspired jewelry. Jewelry makes up the majority of items in addition to collectibles and other swag. The box started this summer and has so far included these themes: pixel, power up, friends, enemies, magic, and heroes. Another fun feature is the ability to purchase individual items from previous boxes once you subscribe. Anyone interested can find four different options for subscribing, from a month-to-month $13 monthly option to a 12-month prepay option at $11.50 per month.

4) Fanspirations

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Worried you might receive something in your monthly subscription box from a fandom you’re not interested in? You can make sure your monthly box is full of a range of goodies solely inspired by your favorite fandom with a subscription to Fanspirations. When you subscribe you choose a fandom from the current options. As of this writing, subscribers could choose from 13 fandoms, including Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. There’s also a choice for a mixed box that includes items from all the available fandoms. Additionally, you can choose how many items you want to receive to customize it even more. You can choose a box of two to four items for $13 per month, five to seven items for $30 per month, and eight to 11 items for $50 per month.

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