Snapchat will let you face swap with imaginary faces, too

If you’ve ever played with the face swap feature on Snapchat, you’ve probably tested the limits of its capabilities.

Sometimes the results are a big fat nope.

But we have to admit, it’s pretty cool when you discover you can swap faces with the people on money.

Or swap your children and your pets.

But one redditor has taken the face swap to a new dimension: face swapping with faces that aren’t even faces. Pukkadurbz posted the below image to the r/funny subreddit on Tuesday, with the caption, “So Snapchat face swap works on imaginary faces too.”


That’s right, all those faces you see in inanimate objects—like cars and electrical outlets—those can be face swapped, too.

Well, as long as Snapchat recognizes them as a face.

So go forth, find some faces in things (the phenomenon is called pareidolia, by the way) and get swapping. Because there’s nothing worse than being stuck with your own mug.

Nayomi Reghay

Nayomi Reghay

Nayomi Reghay is a frequent contributor to the Daily Dot, covering body positivity, feminism, sex, relationships, and gender. She is also the author of the advice column “Swipe This!” A former New York Teaching Fellow, her writing has been featured in Reductress, Rolling Stone, Mic, Someecards, and more.