Everyone’s hilariously pissed at this phony ‘Facebook Nostradamus’

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Illustration by Max Fleishman

The prophecy has come to pass.

If you have stupid or mischievous friends on Facebook, you may recently have run across a post that looks like a bold (and mostly accurate) prediction of the events of 2016—written in late 2015.


Pablo Reyes (who, by the way, is allegedly involved in one of those websites “that tricks people into sharing fake stories on social media“) was trolling, and his trick wasn’t all that complicated. If you click the top right arrow in that post and view its edit history, you can see that he wrote it on June 12 and later changed the date to make himself appear wildly prescient.


So far, so what? Dude found a way to blow a few hundred thousand gullible people’s minds, then got revealed for the huckster he is. I’d consider this case closed, except people got so amazingly mad about it.

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Incredibly, that last post then became its own copypasta, with various users and pages sharing the exact same message of annoyed superiority.

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/StayTunedToTheTruth/photos/a.1874158916142766.1073741829.1868018326756825/2052980094927313/?type=3&theater embed.]
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Other people were just plain old pissed. And it kind of ruled.

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And through it all, some people still managed to believe.

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/chigo.ohalete/posts/1122401977818207 embed.]
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[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/kath.mansell.9/posts/1004728999563266 embed.]

In the end, however, the only real prophet was this guy, who accurately predicted Reyes’ own post… OR DID HE?

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/CptnChrisMorgan/posts/10154048228766558 embed.]

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