Escaped ostrich has no trouble keeping up with freeway traffic

ostrich head

Photo via Paul Kane/Flickr

It’s amazing they ever caught it.

An adult ostrich can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers an hour, so when one of the dinosaur-like birds got loose on the freeway in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it had no trouble keeping up with the flow of traffic.

Meanwhile on Federal Highway.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! #myGalaxyS7Edge #ostrich #federalhighway

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The bird, named Chikaboo, was being transported to a nearby farm when it escaped. Luckily, after a brief chase, it was captured and returned to its owner, Darren Chow.

 “I just hoped that she’d be okay. I was willing to trade my life with hers. It’s my fault for leaving the window open,” he said. “Fortunately there were no motor accidents and she wasn’t hurt; no one was hurt.”

And it could have been worse—at least Chikaboo didn’t meet up with an escaped tiger, like this one who took a jaunt down the freeway in Qatar, back in March. 

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