dog vs. duck

Screengrab via Maymo/YouTube

Watch this dog take on an entire army of rubber ducks

This dog has all the ducks to give.


David Britton

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The hearty Beagle, as everyone knows, makes an excellent hunting dog. They have an extraordinary sense of smell and a strong tracking instinct. A Beagle absolutely will not give up until it has captured and defeated its prey.

That’s why Maymo, a courageous lemon beagle, was not intimidated when the one tiny duck his owner presented to him, was quickly joined by a whole crate of its friends. No, mighty Maymo remained unafraid even when a fearsome giant duck showed up to join the fray.

It should also be noted that these are the kind of shenanigans Maymo has to deal with all the time. For some reason his owner seems to delight in playing “pranks” on the otherwise stoic animal.

Maymo has had to face off against zombie cats.

dog vs. zombie cat
Screengrab via Maymo/YouTube

Slimer from Ghostbusters.

Dog vs.Slimer
Screengrab via Maymo/YouTube

And even Death himself.

dog vs grim reaper
Screengrab via Maymo/YouTube

And each time he emerges triumphant.

dog defeats duck
Screengrab via Maymo/YouTube

Fight on brave, Maymo. Something tells us your greatest battles lie ahead.

dog vs. knight
Screengrab via Maymo/YouTube

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