Excited dog gets much-needed exercise when a deer shows up

‘Can we keep him?’ the dog probably asked.

It must get lonely being an only dog. Sure, you can play with your owner, but he’s too slow to catch you, and his human biases make him an awkward conversation partner. What a dog really wants is another four-legged member of the animal kingdom to keep him entertained.

Geoff Box’s dog Brutus lucked out in that respect on Wednesday, when a deer wandered onto the grass where he was playing. Deer are naturally curious creatures, and this one clearly wondered what was up with the small long-tailed fellow that kept running away from it.

According to Box, the chase “went on for nearly 45 minutes.” We’d guess that Brutus was well tired-out after his deer encounter.

Screengrab via Geoff Box/YouTube

Eric Geller

Eric Geller

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