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This dog could not be happier that it just got rescued

There are some things you don’t need words to say.


Miles Klee

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To Romania, where a couple of quick-thinking chaps were able to save a dog in distress after it got stuck in a grimy canal. Pups are wont to explore such out-of-the-way places but have been known to forge ahead without an exit strategy. My childhood Golden Retriever once had to be hauled out of a North Carolina bay after she leapt in to chase some canoes.

As grateful as Ruby was, however, she didn’t demonstrate the sort of ecstasy on display in this YouTube clip. Having been carried back to shore by the scruff of its neck—not normally advised, but it does produce a submissive response, which no doubt helped allay its sense of panic—the pooch jumps around in apparent disbelief about this stroke of luck.

Will he be as happy to get that much-needed bath? We wouldn’t count on it.

Photo by crystalmartel/Flickr

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