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At long last, the coloring book of d**ks you’ve been waiting for

Is that a crayon in your pocket?


Gabe Bergado

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Adult coloring books have become all the rage of late, and now it’s coming to a climax with the Pen15 Club: Members Only Coloring Book. But the creators are looking for a helping hand to get their happy ending. 

Jen and Mira are the creative geniuses behind the collection of dicks. They’re architects who attended college together in New Orleans, which is where they learned two things: “That approximately 90 percent of buildings—and a lot of everyday objects—look like dicks, and that this is hilarious,” and “How to draw.”

Now they’ve used their talents to whip up the this adult-adult coloring book, full of cocks just waiting to be colored. The phalluses come in all different shapes and sizes, many completely original, along with select boners penetrating some famous masterpieces you’re sure to recognize. Some of the duo’s favorite pieces include “Family Jewels,” “Pea-Cock,” and “First Cummunion.”

Pen15 Club: Members Only Coloring Book

Pen15 Club: Members Only Coloring Book

Jen and Mira have launched an IndieGogo to fund their coloring book, covering printing and supplies costs. Their goal is $7,750. Donating $20 will get you the book, but there’s a flurry of other perks available as well. For example, they’ve teamed up with Dicks by Mail, the people who will send bags of edible dicks (by mail)—so pitching in $30 will get you the book and a gift certificate redeemable for a bag of dicks. 

The two architects started the project in January 2016 and are halfway done. They project is to be completed—with drawing and formatting in place—by the end of May, with the books to be printed in June.

Honestly, what a perfect gift for the dick lovers everywhere. As Broad City‘s Ilana once exclaimed, “Daaaaamn, that penis is pink!”—and you too can color these penises pink with the Pen15: Members Only Coloring Book. Or maybe you’re more inspired by Jonah Hill’s Superbad character and want to get really creative and whimsical with your dong doodles. Either way, you’ll love this naughty little book. 

Pen 15: Members Only Coloring Book

So sharpen your colored pencils and get the wine ready, you’re about to have a relaxing night in with these dicks. Only if you support the project, that is. You can stay updated on the IndieGogo page, or via Twitter and Facebook. Either way, you’re helping to erect a beautiful dream.  

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