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Following influx of spoilers, ‘Star Wars’ publisher shuts down Facebook page

Trolls wouldn’t stop spamming the page with alleged spoilers.


Aja Romano

Internet Culture

If you’re one of the brave fans diligently avoiding spoilers before the premiere of The Force Awakens, take a moment to appreciate the hard lives of people who run social media accounts—and who likely have been spoiled in the line of duty.

Such is the case with the team who runs publisher Del Rey’s Facebook accounts. Del Rey is the longtime publisher of the popular Star Wars franchise tie-in novels, including the excluded but still beloved Expanded Universe. 

Because of its spike in popularity, Del Rey’s Star Wars Facebook page began to be bombarded with trolls posting alleged spoilers. Unable to deal with the intensity of this flood, Del Rey’s social team made a startling decision, for the good of all their other fans: They turned the Facebook page off until after the movie. 

On their Tumblr account, they explained their decision:

Youch! Looks like these admins have no patience for trolls and other fans who don’t care about ruining the experience for other fans.

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