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‘This somewhat humbled me’: YouTuber Deji announces social media break following ‘YouTubers vs TikTokers’ boxing loss

Deji is the only YouTuber to have lost a match last night, but that’s not stopping him from boxing again.


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Popular YouTuber Deji announced that he will be “taking a break from social media” after his defeat against TikToker Vinnie Hacker in last night’s “Social Gloves” boxing event.

In a message to his 10 million subscribers, Deji said he needed to work on his “cardio” and his “self as a whole.” He also stated that he wanted to box again.

“I’m not gonna talk anymore, I’m gonna just let my actions speak louder,” the internet personality continued in his video announcement.

Deji addressed his fans’ concerns following last night’s loss, telling them that he is “all good” and feeling more cheerful. He continues by saying that he needed the defeat because it would help him get better in the future. 

“This somewhat humbled me,” he admitted in the video, “I knew some people were gonna tell me to give up, pack it in, but I have no quit in me. I’m not gonna stop.”

Throughout the video, he referenced his cardio abilities, which he said was lacking, and committed to improve them. He ended the video by thanking his supporters and saying “see you when I see you.” It’s unclear how long he will stay offline.

Other matchups included AnEsonGib vs. Taylor Holder, DDG vs. Nate Wyatt, FaZe Jarvis vs. Michael Le, Tanner Fox vs Ryland Storms, Landon McBroom vs. Ben Azelart, and Ryan Johnston vs. Cale Saurage. The headliner event was Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall, in which McBroom was declared victor, according to Fansided.

Deji is the only YouTuber to have lost a match last night. It appears he took it pretty hard, tweeting an apology to his fans.

His opponent, Hacker, was a good sport and assured Deji that he “put up a good fight.”

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