Daily Fluff: Chicago cat gets creative to stay warm

Chicago Cat Gets Creative to Stay Warm

Ernie refuses to wear kitten mittens, so this is her solution.

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A Chicago-area cat named Ernie has had to rely on extreme measures to stay warm. With temperatures in the single digits for weeks, the kitty’s fur coat just wasn’t enough to beat the chill.

“Ernie has been living in Chicago all her life, so you’d think she’d be used to the cold,” said Joshua Garrett, a friend of Ernie’s. “But once that Polar Vortex slid down into the U.S. and the temps fell below zero, she was walking around the house whining about the cold, non-stop.”

Garrett suggested kitten mittens for Ernie, but she refused.

“So instead of wearing clothes like a normal person, she hugs the radiator all day,” he said. “Whatever. Cats are weird.”

Via BigIceberg.

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