Daily Fluff: Cat forced to downsize to smaller sink

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Cat Forced to Downsize to Smaller Sink
 When Peach...

First the Laser Pointer Zumba classes had to go, and now this.

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When Peach the cat lost her job at the salmon hatchery, she was forced to make tough compromises regarding her personal finances. First, the weekly Laser Pointer Zumba classes had to go. Then it was switching from wet food to dry. 

Most recently, she’s made the decision to downsize to a smaller sink.

“She moved from the large farmhouse sink in the kitchen to the smaller vanity in the bathroom,” said Tanya Smith, the cat’s real estate agent. “It’s been hard on her, but this was really the only thing in her price range. She’ll land on her feet, though. She always does.”

Via thekingkitty.

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