Daily Fluff: Local cat fools everyone with stick-on mustache

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The number of Americans without health insurance dropped just one million compared to the House version of the bill.

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Curly’s mustache is not a legit set of whiskers.

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According to multiple reports, everyone was fooled by notorious cat prankster Curly on Wednesday.

“We really shouldn’t have fallen for it,” said prank victim Will Streitfeld. “I mean, everyone knows Curly doesn’t have a mustache. So why we all thought he’d somehow grown such an impressive ‘stache overnight is beyond me. But, as usual with that cat’s pranks, we fell for it hook, line and sinker.”

It is now clear that Curly’s mustache was actually a stick-on cardboard cut out, and not a legit set of whiskers.

Via kerlern.

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