Cat Shows Range of Expressions in Audition Tape

Arnold is considered one of the best cat actors of his generation.

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Arnold, an exotic shorthair kitten, demonstrated why he’s considered one of the best cat actors of his generation in a leaked audition tape for the upcoming Farrelly Brothers sequel, There’s Something About Puffy, which retells their 1998 smash hit There’s Something About Mary from the perspective of the title character’s best friend’s dog. Arnold plays Puffy’s arch nemesis, Fluffy.

The 2-minute clip, which can be seen on YouTube, shows Arnold displaying the full gamut of emotions: anger, happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, jealousy, surprise, boredom, embarrassment and hopefulness. He cycles through the varied states easily and quickly, showing how he can switch them on and off like a machine.

“It’s an impressive display,” said Agnes Turnbaum, founder of the Turnbaum School of Acting in Boston, MA. “That Arnold can so quickly and convincingly switch between such diverse emotions shows how much mastery he has over his craft.”

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