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Here’s your chance to crush stuff in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Let nothing stand in your way.


Miles Klee

Internet Culture

Well, one of my teenage fantasies has finally come to pass, and it doesn’t involve the cute girl in biology class: ex-governator Arnold Schwarzenegger just invited me to sit shotgun in his M47 Patton tank so we can crush stuff together. (We also might get a quick pump in.)

There’s a catch, of course—I’d have to win the “Ride in a Tank and Work Out with Arnold” sweepstakes, which costs $10 to enter. These donations will go to After-School All-Stars, “a leading national provider of year-round, school-based, comprehensive after-school programs,” which means you can feel extra-good about yourself when you and Conan the Barbarian are smoking those stogies together. It’s all explained in this excellent video, capped with Arnold’s admission, after destroying one, that he has no idea what a Microsoft Zune is.

For this delightfully uber-Schwazenegger idea, we have Reddit to thank, and Arnold himself—perhaps the site’s favorite celebrity member, aside from Snoop Doggexpressed his gratitude there. “After-school programs have been close to my heart for more than 20 years,” he wrote. “If you look at the crime statistics for kids between 3 and 6, you understand why after-school programs are so important.” 

Hey, if Arnold loves anything as much as he loves being macho, it’s got to be a pretty big deal.

Photo via Arnold Schwarzenegger/YouTube

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