Cruise ship plays ‘Seven Nation Army’ on its horns

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How do you celebrate the birthday of a port? Balloons? Music? To celebrate the birthday of the Port of Hamburg, the 964ft-long MSC Magnifica joined the festivities by cruising alongside the docks giving a rendition of Seven Nation Army. 

Heralding what sounded like the Rapture at first, the horns of the Magnifica alternated between the White Stripes song, and perhaps the most terrifying version of Happy Birthday ever heard. The public seemed to enjoy the demonic hits though.

This is not the first time a cruise ship has wowed people with its musical capabilities, The Disney Line often have horn battles between vessels playing everyone’s favourites from the classic movies. Perhaps a new genre of music has been born. Covers by cruise ships, anyone?

Screenshot via K01lar / YouTube

Ned Donovan

Ned Donovan

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