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Earn money from home as a digital copywriter with this $40 class

This digital copywriting master class is under $40 and will teach you how to live that freelance life.


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Sure, anyone can write an Instagram caption or a 280-character Tweet, but shifting those skills into an in-demand career as a copywriter (where you actually get paid) requires some extra training. If you’ve thought about starting a side hustle or a new career altogether, let the Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class show you how.

There are 11 hands-on courses included in this bundle that you can take from home, but you won’t be left to fend for yourself with a pile of textbooks. That’s a recipe for a Netflix binge if we’ve ever heard it. Instead, the courses are lead by Alan Sharpe and Danny Liu; Alan is a 30-year advertising veteran and Danny Liu is a seasoned agile release manager, CSPO/CSM, and digital product creator. With these courses, you too can have a tongue-twisting list of accolades. 

For some quick secrets to success, you’ll first dive into 30 copywriting secrets based on examples from the most successful ad campaign in history: the 1960s and 1970s Volkswagen newspaper campaign. For the more theoretically curious, the three-part Copywriting for Beginners series will teach you about research, attention-grabbing headlines, and the most persuasive copywriting tactics. 

There are many facets to copywriting and this master class doesn’t stop there. There’s the social media content path, that’s quite natural for many millennials and Gen-Z, but writing profitable leads and landing pages takes some extra studying. Learn lead magnets and direct-response tactics to optimize landing pages that generate leads and give you some pretty direct performance metrics to add to your portfolio. You’ll round yourself out with another course about writing persuasive product pages, which will teach you how to select images and write copy that will boost performance and sell your client’s products.

This master class isn’t just the key to a new career, it’s the key to a new career you can do remotely (take it easy Carrie Bradshaw, don’t strap on the Manolos just yet). First, you need to purchase this master class bundle for $38.99, then you’ll learn how to start a freelance copywriting business and what it takes to work for businesses, agencies, and non-profit organizations; from creating your portfolio to starting your first professional gig. 

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