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That crazy, hyped up ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ VHS meme turned 10 today



April Siese

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 30, 2016   Updated on May 25, 2021, 11:44 am CDT

It’s been a decade since an impassioned call to action about Vin Diesel’s sci-fi thriller the Chronicles of Riddick became a hilarious meme about getting really into your favorite VHS tape.

We all have those moments when a movie becomes so action-packed and so immersive that the least you can do is make “wooshing sounds” and scream out the lines of the film’s protagonist. In this case it’s Richard B. Riddick. And, also in this case, he’s mounted an epic and successful prison break.

“Not many can say they escaped the galaxy’s most dangerous prison. I can. I say it out loud every day to the people in my college class,” meme originator and FYAD user graey alien. It was their Nov. 30, 2006 post on the SomethingAwful subforum that started it all. And, in fact, graey alien was something to behold on social media before they quit the game two years ago.

Since graey alien began screaming about the empowerment of a good Vin Diesel VHS, the meme’s taken on a wonderful copypasta life of its own, including this dramatic reading set titled “Riddickulous Poetry.”

So, what can you do to celebrate?

Get yourself a VCR and the Chronicles of Riddick on tape. Palm slap that bad boy into the slot, rewind if you have to, then start doing the moves alongside the movie’s protagonist. This script should help. Don’t forget to make wooshing noises and shout all the words!

Who just escaped from big, badass space prison? You did! And now you must lift.

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*First Published: Nov 30, 2016, 7:41 pm CST