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YouTube duo imagines Christmas and Hanukkah as real live people

Hanukkah might feel a little left out.


Nayomi Reghay

Internet Culture

‘Tis the season. Decorations and lights are popping up everywhere, holiday parties abound, and the cookies just keep coming. But if you’re Jewish—well, sometimes the season can feel a little imbalanced.

Sketch comedy duo Jessie Jolles and Tracy Soren tackle the plight of the Jewish holiday maven in their latest video. The duo, both Jews who can’t get enough of Christmas, decided to take a stab at all the incongruities of the season by personifying the holidays themselves.

While Christmas is all glitz and cheer, Hanukkah has little trouble communicating her, erm, significance.

“[Hanukkah] is nowhere near as big of a party as Christmas,” Soren told the Daily Dot. “It’s not even a high holiday for us.”

“[But] we love the holiday season,” she added. “We wonder if the only reason [Hanukkah] is chillin’ with Christmas is so that we didn’t feel so bad as kids.”

If you grew up Jewish and watched your Christian friends string their trees and homes with a thousand dazzling lights and open magical presents, all while your family opted for practical, smaller gifts that could be spread across the eight nights of Hanukkah, you’ll surely relate to this video.

Screengrab via Soren & Jolles/YouTube

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