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Comedian Chelsea Peretti has been on point with her Vine game lately.

Comedian Chelsea Peretti has been on point with her Vine game lately. Earlier this summer, she used it to issue the #royhibbertchallenge, in which followers were asked to drink 20 ounces of Gatorade in six seconds, like Pacers star Roy Hibbert, and vine it. Now, she’s spoofed those insufferable “This Is My [City]” tourism board spots. 

Last week, Peretti posted this clip, which shows her lit in sunlight, taking in one of L.A.’s natural wonders. 

A civic mantra was born. As often happens on Vine, Peretti’s followers started doing remakes, replacing “L.A.” with six-second shoutouts to the places they live. Most of them are funny; some are a little depressing. Still, Peretti’s parody has allowed for an interesting geographical snapshot. 

From her Vine, we get to see…






And back to L.A.!

There are more than a dozen other examples, which Peretti has been re-vining. If you can’t take a summer vacation, this is the next best thing. 

Screengrab via Chelsea Peretti/Vine

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