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Carl’s Jr.’s Twitter account is desperate for Amazon’s attention

The fast food company is begging the tech giant to buy it.


Tiffany Kelly

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Carl’s Jr. apparently wants Amazon to buy its company. On Sunday, whoever runs the fast food franchise’s Twitter account began an odd series of tweets pushing for the tech giant to buy the company. It all started when the Carl’s Jr. office received a drone in the mail from Amazon. The company tweeted about it, promoting Amazon’s delivery service.

The account commented on the similarities between the Amazon logo and the Carl’s Jr. logo.

The tweets seemed to hint at an upcoming partnership. Until the social media editor got an “amazing idea.” If this stream of tweets was planned, and it seems like it was, it definitely was not an “amazing idea.”

On Monday, the Carl’s Jr. Twitter account declared that it would tweet a new idea every hour in an attempt to convince Amazon to buy the company.

Several of the ideas were painfully bad, such as a miniseries called “Fries and Deceit.” What?

And a self-driving restaurant.

The company also suggested that Amazon place Carl’s Jr.’s stands inside of Whole Foods stores, because nothing goes with locally-grown organic produce and vegan meat substitutes like cheeseburgers.

The company seemed self-aware of its desperation.

Amazon has yet to respond to the company’s pitches on Twitter. Maybe Carl’s Jr. should take a page out of Chili’s book and use its Twitter account to dispense life advice instead.

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