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Become better at business by becoming a Better Business analyst

Say that three times fast.


Lauren Forgione

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Posted on May 15, 2020

Pretty much any time is a good time to make yourself indispensable at work or get an edge on the competition if you’re looking to change roles or companies. But right now, with the economy looking like a bit of a hot mess, it’s more important than ever that you become the value-added employee or candidate every brand needs. A great way to do that? Leaning into the business analysis and intelligence data management solutions that bring compelling growth to companies of all sizes. A great way to do that? Use your extra quarantine wisely and set yourself up for long term success with the Better Business Analyst Bundle.

This go-at-your-own-pace online training offers over 40 hours of foundation-level instruction on business analytics (BA) and business intelligence (BI) skills and strategies that are in demand, even now. Legit: The industry is expected to reach a value of $26.50 billion by the end of 2021, and brands know that investing in big data leads to big results. 

That’s all great, but if you’re sitting there like, “BI, BA…WTF?” try thinking about it like this: BI uses past and present company data to analyze what a business is doing, how it’s doing it, what good stuff to keep doing, and what less-good stuff to not be doing anymore. On the other hand, BA is more focused on mining data for projections to help a business most accurately predict what might happen in the future and make changes now with that information in mind. 

Still confused? Here’s an example that might help. Imagine you own a boutique fitness studio. BI reports can tell you which types of classes or class times are the most popular. It could even clue you into an increase in online newsletter signups coming from surrounding counties. But what it can’t tell you is why those email address captures spiked. BA reporting will lead you to the discovery that a local nutritionist with a far-reaching following posted about a class she took in her IG stories (looks like you should boost influencer outreach). It can also do things like predict which of your members are cancellation risks, so you can offer incentives. 

So, now that you see how becoming a better business analyst can make your business become better, check out what you’ll get from these four SkillSuccess courses included in the bundle.

Master Your Business Analysis Skills

This course will teach you all the basics of business analysis and how to effectively apply them to a variety of roles. The 23 lectures cover how to utilize your skills to move forward in your career and build the confidence of knowing your worth to various enterprises.

Power BI Essentials: An Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

The software of the day for all this stuff is Microsoft Power BI. Without extensive technical expertise, you can use the platform to use and extract the data and reports you need to be on top of your game with compelling visualizations. This seven-hour course is the intro that will let you add MS Power BI to your CV—and not in that “familiar with” sort of way.

Power BI Desktop: Data Analytics for Everyone

Dig a little deeper with this course that teaches you how to gather, transform, and model data for better visualizations with Power BI. View and share insights into your business like never before thanks to these 33 lectures that cover setting up data queries and turning them into something usable, creating calculated columns and measurements using DAX, and examining data visualizations with charts, trend lines, slicer’s maps, and more.

Business Intelligence Using Microsoft Power BI from A to Z

Become a power user of Power BI with this hands-on course. It will prepare you to start your data analytics career and successfully implement the MS software in your organization. Create stunning reports and dashboards, develop data modeling skills, extract knowledge from data, solve complex business problems, and understand the business intelligence workflow from end to end with the help of these 226 lectures. Join more than 230 students who’ve taken advantage of this online training to master business growth skills. The Better Business Analyst Bundle is on sale now for $39.99, a savings of 94%.

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*First Published: May 15, 2020, 1:14 pm CDT