baby falcon

These li’l hatchlings are not sure what to make of their human rescuer.

Ah, young falcons: They’re slick, they’re quick, they think they know it all. But even apex predators need a helping hand sometimes—when they’re thwarted by glass, for example.

“These little falcons do a great job at keeping my garden mouse-free,” wrote video uploader Ludwig v of the two common kestrels that had some trouble taking off from his balcony. He manages to free them without any scratches from beak or talon. The second feathered fellow offers a wide-eyed stare of amazement as if to ask, “Is this real life?” 

Yes, it seems that all I really need to live out my lifelong dream of handling a baby bird of prey is a country estate in Germany and a bottle of Windex. Going to get right on that.

Photo via Ludwig v/LiveLeak

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