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Watch out for those illegal detainment hazards.

Not many golfers are itching to compete in the North Korean Open, which explains why a couple of Aussie pranksters talked their way into it. 

Admitted amateur linksmen Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay simply emailed Pyongyang their application to play and declined to correct the officials who had the mistaken impression that they represented Australia’s national team. From there, the bros were committed to getting some mock-up championship green blazers, participating in event pageantry, and pursuing an utterly disastrous round of rookie golf that one North Korean attendee worried would “bring great shame” upon their families.    

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Evidently unaware of how easily they could have had their passports withheld and/or been thrown into a labor camp for state espionage, the mates are now practicing for Somalia’s first major tournament next year.

Let’s hope they don’t shank a ball into a terrorist training site.

Miles Klee

Miles Klee

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