Boston Dynamics’s killer robot Atlas is less terrifying when it swears

Boston Dynamics is best known for occasionally uploading videos of its outstanding, slightly disturbing, futuristic robots. Its latest model, Atlas, is a bipedal, porcelain-white robot that can do things like lift boxes, open doors, and right itself if it falls over.

Atlas is super impressive! But it’s also a little worrying, because even with it in its cast-off, prototypical state, you still feel the dread of that impending uncanny valley.

One YouTube user, Mr. King, has done his part to help soften the blow. Here is Atlas with a “profanity mod” installed.

Isn’t it funny how a soulless machine becomes so much more approachable and friendly when it sports a human voice? When it reacts to some asshole poking it with a stick the same way we would?

All of a sudden, we’re much less worried about the impending and inevitable robot uprising than we were before.

Screengrab via Mr. King/YouTube

Luke Winkie

Luke Winkie

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