This contactless tool lets you use your hands while staying germ-free

Some surfaces are just gross.

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Published May 4, 2020

Now more than ever, there are some things you just don’t wanna touch (including other people). Coming into contact with novel coronavirus contaminated surfaces can lead to contracting COVID-19, and obviously no one wants to do that. Sure, you could wear gloves, but they aren’t always the best approach. If you find yourself in need of leaving the safety of your home for essential items or because you’re an essential worker, you’ll want to do everything in your power to protect yourself. And one way to do that is by making the SafeFinger Antimicrobial Brass Keychain Touch Tool a vital part of your venture out.

This contactless assist tool helps you reduce exposure to germ-prone surfaces like handles, levers, pulls, buttons, pin pads, sliding doors, touch screens (think store checkouts and other digital signatures), and more, thanks to its aluminum alloy design that resists and reduces bacteria by up to 99%. You’ll be able to conduct your usual business in this new unusual way while staying much safer than you were before.

Ergonomically designed, the SafeFinger Antimicrobial Brass Keychain Touch Tool features a door hook, a flat stylus tip, and a finger hole for contact purposes. In addition, it’s got a small 3.5″ footprint and a keyring loop so it’s easy to keep close at hand. This helpful tool will grant you some much-needed peace of mind, to be sure, but when you’re back home or as soon as you can, don’t forget to wash your hands.

You can grab one SafeFinger Antimicrobial Brass Keychain Touch Tool in brass on sale for just $21.99 or boost your savings up to 33% by snapping up a two-pack for $39.99. Give one to a friend or family member or keep it around as a spare so you’ll never go without your handy not-hand. 

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*First Published: May 4, 2020, 10:21 am CDT