Tiny octopus is furious when humans interrupt his nap

This is how the cephalopod takeover begins: Not with a bang, but with a seashell slowly rolling along the sand of a wet beach.

Below, we find beachgoers examining a closed seashell that contains some mass inside it. They pry it open to find out that it’s a small squiddy-octopus type creature, and man, is this thing upset at being discovered.

These humans shriek with a nervous glee while our invertebrate friend seemingly puts its dukes up, ready to dole out harm like Squiddly Diddly on a bender. The whole encounter ends with the camera person running away after his friend throws the octopus at him.

H/T BroBible | Photo via ViralHog/YouTube

Dylan Love

Dylan Love

Dylan Love is an editorial consultant and journalist whose reporting interests include emergent technology, digital media, and Russian language and culture. He is a former staff writer for the Daily Dot, and his work has been published by Business Insider, International Business Times, Men's Journal, and the Next Web.