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Cruel dad tricks daughter into angering a mother goose

Beware of the geese protecting their young.


Dylan Love

Internet Culture

Oh, to be youthful and reckless like this young girl once again. To sprint barefoot around a pond, giving chase to a territorial goose for dad and his camera. To inspire world-ending fear in the blameless goose’s heart, moving her to defend herself and her children…

To sprint right back in the opposite direction, with an enraged mother goose flying close  in a fighter formation of one. Though this girl certainly didn’t realize it at the time, she will later: Her hilarious screaming at the sight of a goose in pursuit is the real reason dad was filming.

It bears mentioning that this is far from an isolated incident. Animals of all shapes and sizes, feathered or not, might chase you when provoked. As a public service reminder of exactly this, please enjoy the following nine minutes of animals chasing people.

Photo via Tim Dutton/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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